Just a short note – Saturday, 6 December 2014

Good Afternoon Readers

Well, I’ve finally finished my work for today and I’m now sitting down to write blog. I thought my work would take only a couple of hours, but, these things always take longer than anticipated. I’ve had some interesting work to do this week which has been lovely. I now know alot more about stone mullions and US summer camps than I ever thought possible.

So what has happened in my world this week? Well winter showed up, 1st December, on the dot!! Sunday was a beautiful mild day with a maximum of around 16 degrees, Monday the 1st, it was wet, grey and a maximum of about 6 degrees and I don’t think the temperature has been any warmer for the whole week. We’ve had the heating on for most of the week and I must admit I am going to look forward to the wood fire we are installing next year. Pat even had the joy of walking Siena in the rain yesterday (not that Siena minded).

Talking of our little Siena, unfortunately she got sick this week and had to be taken to the vet. Thankfully only a mild temperature but she was very low for a couple of days. Vet thinks it was just something she ate. Unfortunately trying to stop Siena eating things she shouldn’t is not easy especially since the cat loves playing with mice on the back lawn and then leaving their still warm bodies for us to find (or generally for Siena to find). The joys of pets!
I also had my hair cut and coloured this week. I really like my new haircut, not much different to my previous one, but still I love it. I also love the final bill which is half of what I use to pay in the UK. A lot of things aren’t that much different to the UK prices, but hairdressers seem to be one thing that is massively different (along with coffee prices).

I also had a good art class this week as we did a still life in oil pastels. Mine is going well and most likely needs at least another hour’s work. So that will be something for me to finish over this cold winter.

Tonight we are having our neighbours in for a Christmas drink; hopefully it will go well, something to tell you all about next week.

And finally, a short note of congratulation to Mel – a friend of mine from the UK – who has got himself engaged :-). So Congratulation Mel (let’s see who contacts you because of my blog….)

Until next week (sorry no photos this week).

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