Un souffle de vent (A puff of wind) – Saturday, 29th November 2014

Good Morning readers

Some weeks it is very easy to write my blog as so much has happened, other weeks (like this week) I do find it a struggle. I guess it is because nothing overly unusual/exciting happens so I feel like I have very little to write about.

But what has been happening? Well, we have to find a new routine to our days as Siena is now allowed out (having been finally immunised). We are walking her at least 3 times a day, two short walks and one long one, which I must admit when we first took her on the 45 minute walk I didn’t think she would last but she did. She has also had her first play date! As a lone dog, we really need to get her socialised with other dogs, so we took her over to an acquaintance who have three of their own dogs, their daughter had a puppy and they were fostering a puppy for a local animal rescue centre. Siena had a wonderful time and doesn’t have too many bad puppy habits I’m happy to say, she was absolutely exhausted after her hour of being with other dogs. She will be returning for more play time.

So why the title of Un souffle de vent? The autumn wind showed up on Thursday night and stuck around for a good 24 hours. We were in bed on Thursday night thinking that there was a plane going overhead very low, but no, it was the sound of the wind through the trees. Unfortunately it did wake us a few times over the course of the night, it also kept going for all of Friday, it was incredible. It does of course mean that most of the trees now have no leaves! We have also lost our satellite signal for the tv, not sure if it was just the bad weather or if it has been blown out of alignment. We will have to check that today.

The other rather non exciting thing I did this week was finally finish the curtains for our bedroom! I’ve had one completed for months but hadn’t quite got around to doing the other. However over the past few months of procrastination, I’ve managed to lose the blue ribbon that I was adding, so while the curtains now fit my window, one has some blue embellishment and the other does not!

I also had the joy of the having to return an item after shopping this week. I accidently grabbed two shampoo’s rather than the shampoo and conditioner (conditioner interestingly is not common here in France, no idea why). One of the staff members is English (and speaks very fluent French) and thankfully she was able to help me, I’m not sure I could have got through the return with my limited French – especially as I just wanted to change it not actually get a refund.

So what does the week ahead look like? We are planning on putting up our tree tomorrow – yes it is before the 1st of December, but only by a day. Today is the joyous task of cleaning the house and finalising the Christmas cards so that they can all be sent early for once.

Jusqu’à la semaine prochaine…

Another one of Pat's glorious photos

Another one of Pat’s glorious photos

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