Live Life Now – Saturday, 22th November 2014

Good Morning readers

Well this week has been busy but good. The glorious weather has returned and we have sunshine and cool (not cold) temperatures, which is fantastic. Almost all the leaves have turned and are dropping.

I’ve been working, which is good and I’m back to my two classes a week for French, plus my art class, which this week had a fantastic end. Not due to the art, but because as I walked out the front door of my teachers house, I got to finally see a line of cranes in flight, making their odd noise (which doesn’t sound quite so odd during daylight when you can see what is creating it). They were rather low so it was fantastic, and then on Friday when Pat and I got back from our walk, we both got to see some more. I even had time to get the binoculars out so that we could both have a closer look. It was great.

Last Saturday was a rainy cold day and I spent the day cleaning out the spare room and re-arranging the furniture. Why, well I’ve been watching an interior design competition program and it inspired me to think about how the furniture is laid out in the spare room, which I did and a little re-arranging later and the room looks great and feels even bigger. I’ve actually been re-thinking about what I can do to all the rooms in the house, how they can be modified and using some colour rather than just going for my original white and grey theme. At this point, I’ve not made any firm decisions about colours, but it will be interesting to see how things develop next year as we continue to redecorate. However the pink wallpaper in the spare room will be going!

While cleaning the spare room and sorting my desk, I came across a booklet in which I found a list of things I wanted to do in my life, this list was written around 2001, and there are 36 items on the list. There were some items which I now consider odd, and it is fascinating to see what is on the list that I still want to do. Out of the 36 items there are 11 items that I still want to do, four that I have done, and one that I’m in the process of doing (learn another language), I will admit to claiming, my item of “Live in Paris” to be done, with the slight modification to “Live in France”. As to the rest of the items on the list, what was I thinking! Why would I want to shave my head?? I guess it just shows how much we change over time. I don’t think we actually realise that even as adults we continually change.

The question is do I create myself a new list and add in the 11 items that I wanted to do back in 2001 and have yet to do… well I do have a list that I wrote last year of things that I would like to do, it’s my “Live Life Now” list and is something I created back in December last year (it was an idea in a book that I was reading) it is a list of things that I want to experience. It is something that I try to look at every month and I do have things categorised such as Places I would like to visit; Food/drink I would really like to try; Distant Dreams; Books I want to read and of course the ubiquitous Other. What is fascinating about this list is, the Places I want to visit is the longest, but the one that I have completed the most of, is the Books I want to read.

My other achievement for this week, was that I hemmed two pairs of Pat’s jeans, and I’m very happy with the job I did, the length is good and the finish looks great, for someone who has only recently started sewing again, I’m very pleased with myself.

I’m now going to get dressed and go and play with my puppy. So until next week.

Two photo’s of Pat’s that I really like and that he took this week.

A photo that Pat took this week

A photo that Pat took this week

Another photo of Pat's

Another photo of Pat’s

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