The problem with… – Saturday, 1st November 2014

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The title should read, The problem with diets! I am remembering why I haven’t dieted in years and why I hate them. Tuesday of this week I put myself on the scales and I’ve gained a kilo, now before that I was feeling very crappy anyway, but that combined with a not so successful French conversation class and I just burst into tears. It was at that point that I sort of thought, this happens every time I diet, I become unhappy and unable to deal with things. So the diet has now been banished from my world, for ever and ever Amen!!!

However, I will be taking a few things from my last (ever) attempt. I’ve increased my veggie intake, which is good – especially considering my problems with fructose which means I can’t eat much fruit so that is a good change. I’m also continuing with my walking and exercise, especially as I’m enjoying it, particularly as we are having the most glorious autumn you could ask for. We even had lunch outside yesterday as the weather was so nice. It has, however, obviously been cold enough for the leaves to start turning brown, yellow, orange and a glorious assortment of colours. I really enjoy autumn in Europe, I think it comes from growing up in Australia where we didn’t have such seasonal changes and you really can feel and see the change in nature. It is just spectacular. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks there will be some opportunities to take some great photos.

As I mentioned above, my Tuesday French class didn’t go too well, but my Friday one did. I’m now having a one-on-one class on Friday with a great tutor. She seems to understand how to get the best out of me, and she gives me that little bit of extra time I need when thinking of an answer. So that is working out well. She also introduced me to a program called Duolingo, which is on the web and I’ve found really good at getting some of the basics into my brain. So hopefully with all that I am doing some of it will actually stay in my brain for long enough for it to be used.

So what else has happened this week? Actually I’ve been very slack with a lot of things this week, I was hoping to have started the hallway for painting but I haven’t. I was going to start it today but then realised that we have guests coming for lunch tomorrow so maybe I better leave it until Monday. Though on Monday, we will be finally going to get my new replacement chair for my office.

One thing I have done this week was doing some art painting. I’ve wanted to do some more watercolour painting and really try to expand my knowledge of watercolour painting so I’ve been watching some video’s on-line and experimenting. At art class on Thursday I started a couple of small paintings of flowers and I’m really pleased with how they are coming along. I must admit I do love to spend time doing my art work; it is very relaxing and enjoyable. Hopefully I will be able to get back into my studio this afternoon.

The other thing I did get up to this week, was some cooking. I decided that I needed some wraps for making my lunches. So I actually made some. While mostly successful, I did over cook a few of them so they have become pizza bases. But I was surprised at how simple they are to make.

Our week ended yesterday with a very interesting sight from our back window as a hot air balloon went over. Pat and I then headed out for a walk around our hamlet and another balloon went over. It was a great sight to see. I was also quick enough to get a few photos from the back window.

The other thing I have been trying to find out this week, is if I can bring chocolate in to Australia? Does anyone know?

So until next week.





Even Siena was unsure how she got herself into our washing basket...

Even Siena was unsure how she got herself into our washing basket…

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  1. bill says:

    you can bring chocolate into Australia .

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