The problems with white – Saturday 25th October 2014

Hello readers

So the problems with white! An ambiguous comment I realise but it actually refers to my wonderful white kitchen cupboards. Which while still looking good have started to show a few problems. Unfortunately even though they are painted in a semi-gloss paint which is totally wipeable, we have discovered that coffee, unless removed in a split second of landing on the cupboards, stains the paint. Everything else – including wine and tomato – washes off without staining, but not the coffee! And let’s be honest, I’m not going to avoid coffee.

So where to from here? I’ve been experimenting with a light coating of polyurethane varnish that I have for painting (of the artistic kind) and that seems to be working. So unfortunately I now need to remove all the doors and drawer fronts on one side of my kitchen, sand them back, paint at least one coat of paint on them and then the varnish. A bit of a pain as I had hoped that the kitchen for the most part was finished. I’m hoping to start that this week, along with finally painting our entry hall and covering the lovely pink wallpaper that is there.

Our little puppy, is going well and growing lots. She is now the same size as the cat, but the cat is still in charge. However he (the cat) did go missing this week for over 24 hours. We were unsure if it was a protest vote against the dog, or something happened to him. I’m starting to think that maybe something happened to him as he now wants to come in at night, which is highly unusual. But I’m glad he is in as it nice to know that he is safe overnight and I don’t have to worry about clearing up dead mice from the lawn in the backyard of a morning. He has also taken to sleeping on Pat’s office chair, he was using mine, but mine broke this week. It has been dodgy for a while, but Pat went to fix it and destroyed it totally – so I’m now looking for a new office chair. That might also be something to add to my to do list for this week.

As some of you are aware I had my birthday this week. Not great for the diet (which is going well), but a nice day out. We headed up to Limoges for the day, went and had a look at a couple of department stores so that I could buy some new make-up. I ended up getting Bourjois make-up, a brand I knew of (and from memory my sister used to use it) but have never tried before. I’m very impressed with the foundation and lipstick, especially for the price. I’ve actually had lots of problems finding a foundation that I’ve been happy with since I left Australia, it’s only taken 11 years! So after that we went and had a cup of coffee at a café, we sat in a square outside (the sun was shining) and enjoyed our coffee. As we were in a slightly different part of town we decided to do some exploring, which we are really glad we did. We found some winding cobbled alleys and a great square called the Cour du Temple, it is a 16th Century square with the base of the buildings being in granite and wood structures above. Pat got some photos on his phone which are below. We also found a great little restaurant for lunch which was lovely. After lunch we continued our exploration and found a number of fantastic chocolate shops and the most amazing cheese shop (Maison du fromage) – Note to dad – sorry we didn’t find this when you were here.

We then continued on to the art gallery, for those of you who read this blog regularly you will remember last time we went to the gallery we got stuck in the lift! This time we used the stairs. It is a good gallery and has some amazing pieces. All of the pieces are in one way or another related to Limoges. They are either pieces created in Limoges, images of Limoges or the artist was from Limoges. The enamels are spectacular, especially the ones from the early 1900’s. Pat however did embarrass me slightly, by touching one of the works and of course setting off the alarm. Of course the attendants came running and told us off! Pat of course claimed it wasn’t him. Anyway I did come across an artist that I don’t recall seeing before – Elie Lascaux. His work is very stylised but there is just something about it that I love. After a couple of hours of exploring the artgallery we decided it was time to head home, via a rather nice cake shop where we both got individual cakes. Mine, was a mix of lemon and chocolate, I was in heaven.

So that very much has been our week. We do however get an extra hour in bed tomorrow as we depart from daylight saving time – yah.

So until next week.

Cour du Temple

Cour du Temple

Cour du Temple

Cour du Temple

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