Saturday, 6th September 2014

The week started with a surprise, that being the smoke detector going off at 5:30am on Monday morning, and of course stopped just as I got to it, think it was the humidity that set it off, but really not sure. The cat (along with its owners) was not happy with the noise. We did get back to sleep thankfully.

Back to feeling fit and healthy which is nice with the last couple of weeks of illness, and on that note have decided that I really do need to get myself back to being fully fit and healthy. So I’ve decided that I really do need to do something, for me, about my health and my fitness levels – especially since I couldn’t keep up my dad’s walking pace when he was here (and he is 71). I figure if I make this public I will have more incentive to keep going, as it can be embarrassing if people keep asking what you are doing and you haven’t done anything.

The plan is to do some form of exercise at least five times a week, the walking has begun :-). I’ve also found a great podcast on the NHS website which is a five week plan for strength and flexibility so that is also being incorporated into my day and I’m planning on digging out my Tai Chi dvd and doing that a couple of times a week. I’m also back to not drinking alcohol during the week – something just for the weekend, along with the return to yoghurt for dessert rather than the rather decadent ice-creams we had been buying (triple chocolate ice-cream anyone).

So far the week has been successful, Pat and I have been on 3 walks the shortest being 40 mins. We have had absolutely glorious weather this week. On Wednesday we also decided that a bike ride would be a great idea, so we rode off towards a local café – deciding that a rest break half way would be good only to discover that the café is closed on Wednesdays. We still had a good bike ride and had the fantastic experience of having a rather large bird of prey (we think it was a Buzzard) swoop along the bike track all of about 20 metres in front of us, it was amazing.

Yesterday we headed up to a town called Saint Junien to have a look at a store I have wanted to visit – it has some great vintage clothes (along with new ones). Didn’t buy anything but good to look around. We also found an art shop so that I could get some art supplies and some glitter. Yes glitter and before you all think I have lost the plot, the glitter isn’t for my major art work, it’s for the Christmas cards I have started making – yes Christmas cards. Basically I figure if I start them now I should have them finished in time for our trip to Australia – yep we are having an Australian Christmas.

Currently we are looking at having someone in to stay at the house to look after it and the cat while we are away (any volunteers??). We tend to do this now after coming back from a winter holiday one year and finding our house flooded due to a burst pipe; that was not fun I can tell you.

So what does the rest of the weekend entail? My plan is to get some gardening done, do some more work on the Christmas cards (it really is a lot of fun). Tomorrow Pat and I are off for a 6km walk. For the rest of the week I am planning on finally painting the entrance hall. I’m looking forward to that. Pat and I are also sorting out my art studio and getting it properly set up – it still has various bits and pieces stored in it (such as suitcases, a bathroom sink) and I’ve been having to do the Christmas cards in on the kitchen table rather than in my studio so that seems a bit silly. So next week there should be some before and after photos.

Now my bike ride mentioned above was an enjoyable 13 km on nice roads and bike path, I however have a family member who is slightly mad and doing a 100km mountain bike ride today as part of the Dwellingup 100 event – it is in support of charity – Muscular Dystrophy WA (he has done this ride 5 times before but this year is doing the ride “For someone who can’t”) so I’ve placed the link to his fundraising page, if you are interested in donating:

Some of my Christmas Cards

Some of my Christmas Cards

Hand painted watercolour by me (after watching a demo on YouTube)

Hand painted watercolour by me (after watching a demo on YouTube)

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I love the idea of exercise at least 5 times a day. I’ll join you (from afar). My doctor says my back and neck will get better only if I make sure I take at least a 20 minute walk every week day at lunch time. Let’s keep each other challenged!

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