Saturday, 30th August 2014

Hello one and all

This week has very much been the week that wasn’t, why, well unfortunately I’ve been ill again.  My sore throat flared up again on Tuesday along with the exhaustion so I decided that I really needed to let myself get better.  So apart from getting up for my breakfast and shower (well one day it was a bath, and a bath in the morning feels so decadent), I’ve spent a lot of this week reading books, watching tv and basically not doing much.  I didn’t even go to art class (I really don’t want anyone to get this).

This option has appeared to help as yesterday I was starting to feel good and this morning I actually got up with almost normal energy levels.  Of course this does mean that we have done next to nothing this week.  However on Monday afternoon, I did meet up with a lady who, like myself, wants to start sewing again, we went through what I knew and she showed me a few bits and pieces.  She also has found a lady who has been sewing for 50 years and would love to pass on what she knows so hopefully we will be getting together with her and starting to learn more than the basics.

Friday afternoon I went and got my hair cut and coloured, the hairdresser did a great job and I will be going back to see her again, and I can say this much Friday afternoon in a French hairdressers’ the place is packed to the rafters.

Today we headed over to St Mathieu, me for a sports massage and Pat to have a look around the village and to take some photos.  My massage was useful (and painful as only a sport massage can be), I really shouldn’t leave it so far between massage’s but they really do help with my back.  Afterwards Pat showed me a Depot Vente (which is a consignment place for clothes) as I’ve been looking for a summer maxi dress just to throw on at home which looks good but is cool.  We found one for just 5€ and during our discussions with the owner it appears she is having an issue with her computer which Pat offered to help with, he couldn’t solve it there and then, but maybe some work will come out of it.  We then did our usual “let’s have lunch” and got recommended a little bar up the road which was great.  We were able to sit outside and enjoy the sun along with a lovely meal and lots of water for me.  We ended up sitting next to a British couple and had a great conversation with them.  I did, however, move to the shade for coffee as I could feel myself starting to get sun burnt (thankfully I didn’t).

So that very much is the week that was…or wasn’t.

PS. Guess what Pat’s first words were to me this morning were… “my throat feels sore” watch this space.

Pat’s photos of St Mathieu

St Mathieu

St Mathieu


Me going into the beauty salon

Me going into the beauty salon

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  1. bill says:

    I wondered why so many of the shutters and other external parts of houses are painted a shade of blue. Thinking about it I should have realised before, since a lot of the French sporting teams wear blue. So I wonder if it is a national thing of just something else.
    By the sounds of it , both your immune systems will be improved :).

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