Saturday, 23rd August 2014

Hello one and all

It has been an interesting week, unfortunately part of it spent in bed unwell after picking up a rather nasty throat /cold bug. I am recovered now. But that was the middle of the week. Let me start this week where I finished last week.

Last Sunday was a glorious day, the sun was out and we started the day with pancakes, maple syrup and bacon – a very indulgent breakfast. The rest of the morning was spent on getting washing sorted for dad and Coral. In the afternoon we headed off to Chateau Brie, we arrived just as they were starting an English language tour so we got to join that. The Chateau is quite small but has an interesting history and some interesting architecture. It is still lived in which makes it even more interesting as you can see this in the rooms as they are not pure museum pieces. Unfortunately they also had some water damage in a couple of the rooms which occurred from a storm early this year (at a guess the one back in May that affected a lot of places around here). We had a brief walk around the gardens – they are not very big and then had a cider and a crepe for afternoon tea – I guess it was a bit of a pancake day for us.

Earlier in the week Pat and Dad had decided that they wanted to do a scenic drive along a ridge top near us, so after the Chateau we decided to do this drive. It took us to one of the highest hills and the view was amazing, I got quite a good panorama photo. We also then headed back via Chateau Montrbrun which looks amazing, it is currently for sale if you have a spare €20 million – It does look so good I will be going back to one of their tours.

Monday was a trip into Limoges to put Dad and Coral on the train to Toulouse. We waved them good bye and then headed off to do some browsing through a couple of Troc’s. We then went to have lunch and headed home.

Tuesday was the start of treating our lounge room floor for woodworm, we are not 100% sure if the woodworm (well they are actually a beetle) are active but we decided not to take any chances and are treating the wood in the lounge and in the cellar. Hopefully it is nothing major as we don’t really want to have to replace the floor or the beams in the cellar. Unfortunately Tuesday afternoon is when my cold really kicked in so after my shower I retreated to bed. Wednesday was effectively a repeat of Tuesday.

By Thursday I was feeling much better and we had a quiet morning and then headed off with my art group to see a pastel exhibition near Limoges. It was a really good exhibition with lots of different styles and types of pictures. I was really impressed with the quality of what we were seeing. There were artists from France, UK, USA and Australia. It really was great.

Friday was a quiet day at home just doing house hold things, catching up on emails etc. However we did decided to go for a bike ride after lunch. It was lovely to be out and about, but I don’t think I was as well as I felt and it most probably wasn’t the best idea we have had, but I was glad we went.

The only other thing that has happened over the last few weeks is that I finally finished my dressing table and it is now in our bedroom. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

So not a very exciting week, but an enjoyable one, today I’m out in the garden.

Dressing table before

Dressing table before

dressing table - after

dressing table – after



Chateau Brie  PS this was a wedding gift...

Chateau Brie
PS this was a wedding gift…

Chateau Montbrun

Chateau Montbrun

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