Saturday, 09th August 2014

Good Morning

I’m currently sitting in bed, drinking my decafe coffee and listening to next door try to start their tractor.  Well it’s 9:30 am so I really can’t complain,  but the occasional whiff of petrol is not pleasant.

So what has happened this week, well my dad arrived safely (if somewhat tired) on Monday.  He came via Canada where he was playing in the FINA Masters for Waterpolo, he played in the 65+ team and they got bronze. So very pleased for dad and the rest of the team.

Sunday was very interesting Châlus had a medieval faire in celebration of Richard the Lionheart.  We had a group of horse riders go past the house in full medieval costume, which is something you don’t get every day.  Pat and I headed into  Châlus and had a look around.  There were musicians in medieval costume playing medieval type instruments.  We had a great time.

We have got up to a few things with dad being here which is great.  Pat has also been working this week so we have been having to make sure we were home when we needed to be.  We took life slowly on Tuesday and just did a walk near the house.  Wednesday we went to Rochechouart for morning coffee and to look at the cheese shop.  The coffee and patisserie were good, the cheese shop is closed on Wednesdays!  An unexpected problem, but I guess we will just have to go back.  I did however finally get to see the sewing/wool shop and was able to buy myself some more thread for sewing as I had run out.

Thursday morning we headed off to have a look at Châlus, the Châteaux which has the tower and old keep in it’s grounds was open to the public and it was really good to finally get a look around.  The site is up for sale for anyone with a spare few million euros.  The tower is thought to be the place that Richard the Lionheart was attacking when he got shot by an arrow, which eventually killed him (it took a few days).

Thursday afternoon I went off to art class and did a sea scape in chalk pastels which I am very pleased with.  Still needs some tweaking but its looking good.  I have done a similar picture before in acrylic paints.  The boys(??) went off for a walk to the local Relais (which is a restaurant/bar) which is a few km away and had a beer in the sunshine.

Yesterday (Friday) was a great day.  We headed off for a town in the Dordogne called Brantôme.  I’ve wanted to see Brantôme for a while.  It has an old Abby and caves that people use to live in (now shops).  We discovered that it was market day so the place was packed to the rafters with holiday makers and locals.  It was an expensive market so we didn’t buy anything.  The town is mostly on an island which gives it an interesting feel; we had lunch in a restaurant overlooking the river and looking at a very expensive restaurant on the other bank of the river.  It was a great day of exploring and was finished with buying an ice cream cone.

Tonight we are all off to a social event with Pat’s camera club and then off to the Rochechouart night market.  Looking forward to the evening.

Till next week.



Not the best photo, but it gives you an idea of what was going past our house

Not the best photo, but it gives you an idea of what was going past our house

Chalus - the tower from which Richard the Lion heart was shot.

Chalus – the tower from which Richard the Lion heart was shot.

Our lunch time view

Our lunch time view

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