Saturday, 12th July 2014 – late

Woo hoo, got to this today πŸ™‚

Hello all,

Monday is Bastille Day, which means public holiday in France and lots of fireworks. Not sure if there will be any near us, but we will have a look on the internet and see if there are any celebrations nearby. We’ve decided we didn’t want to go into Limoges to celebrate – maybe next year.

So, why is this blog late – well we have been busy (though I can’t remember what happened before Wednesday – I’m getting old!!!). I’m absolutely exhausted at the end of each day, but we have finished the stair-well. It may not be perfect, but we like it. It is also not easy to strip wallpaper, paint and then wallpaper over a stair-well. It is a long way down!!! But I’ve attached the photos for you to look at the before and after. I’m not going to paint the landing area until we have our window put in (end of August) just seems silly to do that painting when you know that it will be destroyed in around a month’s time. Next week its back to the kitchen cupboards!

We did get out on Wednesday; we hired a van and headed off to the troc (see last week) to pick up our water tank. We also picked up a rather nice dressing table – my first proper dressing table which I can sit at and it has two cupboards and a small drawer and a folding mirror. We also picked up some 2nd hand out door seats, which do need some TLC, but they may be a job of winter. We also picked up a new outdoor table – which is very nice and it has already been put to use. We also did the boring job of picking up some wood to box in the pipes in the kitchen and in the spare bedroom. Thankfully the wood for the spare room is already prepared and white, so I only have to paint the wood for the kitchen pipes. It will also help towards keeping the spare room cool in summer – as those who have visited know, the hot water pipes do really help keep the room warm. We also had our worst meal in France so far on Wednesday night, we stopped at a place near one of the DIY stores and it was edible, but we will not be going back. It was a buffet, I’m not a fan of buffets at the best of times but Pat and I are still arguing over one of the dishes, I think chicken he things pigs trotters!

I also had the opportunity to paint the little table we picked up last week at the troc, I think it looks great. The legs are actually silver (thanks Ioanna for the idea – – it was the Louis (14th or 15th) blue chair with silver that did the inspiring). I’ve put a picture below.

We did also have plans on getting out to a quiz this week – there was a local English language one near us. We had booked in, but at about 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Pat and I looked at each other and just knew it wasn’t going to happen and we cancelled. Hopefully we can get to the quiz next Friday.

So our plans for Sunday, lie in, pancakes for breakfast and a lazy afternoon – it all sounds like bliss – let’s see if it happens- till next week…

Before 1a

Before 1a

before 1

before 1


after 1


before 2


After 2



after - sorry about the mess - in the process of also sorting the bookcase

after – sorry about the mess – also in the process of sorting the bookcase


After – for drinks!

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