Saturday, 5th July 2014

Hello all,

Today I awoke to the sounds of the morning chorus, unfortunately at 6:30am, so I’m writing this very early and before my first cup of coffee! This week has been a week where a lot has happened and nothing has happened. I guess some weeks are like that where it feels like a lot has been done, but nothing fully finished. I’ve spent the week painting a kitchen wall and while I thought I would be finished by this weekend, unfortunately I am not. This is not due to laziness on my part, but on being out on Wednesday and finding problems with the window surround. It will however be finished today (I hope).

The other problem I find with painting walls and decorating in general is that it makes you realise what else in a room needs to be done. So once the cabinets in the kitchen are done (I know, enough with the cupboards already) the next step will be to do the skirting boards and the doors. The windows also need to be refinished (they are wood) but that it a big job of stripping paint, sanding and painting, all the windows in the house need to be done so we will leave that job to next year.

So what else has happened this week, Monday, food shopping so nothing overly exciting, our usual outing to French class on Tuesday morning, which is going well – I even went into the post office and bought stamps, all in French.  Wednesday was spent out at DIY stores and troc’s (a type of 2nd hand store). We did buy two small items of furniture at the troc, one a side table and the other a type of wash stand. The side table is for the kitchen space to go beside the couch we have, the wash stand will be upstairs on the landing for the phones to sit on. They of course both need stripping back and refinishing. So they may actually be my job for next week. The other exciting purchases for the day were a couple of rainwater tanks (going back next week to pick the large one up) and the continuing search for an outdoor table and chairs. We did also decide to buy some wallpaper for part of the stair well. Why? Well the walls that it will be going on are slightly uneven and I found a great wallpaper which was thick but also the design would have hidden the joins of the wood. Did we buy that paper – no, in a impetuous moment we were looking at the wallpapers that were on sale and pulled out one that I think is rather attractive, Pat looks at it and goes “I quite like that” so we have ended up with a wallpaper that is lovely but not quite what we were after (it is still light in colour). My only issue with wallpapers at the moment is that it is nearly impossible to find one that doesn’t have a metallic sheen to it somewhere in the design. Lunch I will have to confess was spent at a fast food burger place – my first time doing this in France (actually my first time doing this in years), but we were hungry and couldn’t seem to find anything decent. I will have to point out that Pat was able to have a beer with his lunch. Yes you can buy alcohol at fast food outlets! Thursday afternoon I went off to my art class, which I really do enjoy and Friday was back staring at a wall.

We did also get out for a couple of early morning walks this week, which was lovely. Unfortunately the weather has been wet so not as many walks as we would like, nor did we get out for a bike ride. When I think that last year, we were starting our holiday in France around this time and we had a week of incredibly hot weather (we were thankful for a pool at the gite) it is disappointing to have such cool weather at the moment. It will change , this I do know, but a few days of coolish weather and I’m complaining. Also this week I got back in contact with an old friend this week, which is lovely; we have been exchanging emails back and forth trying to catch up on everything that is happening in each of our lives. We are both definitely not where we were last time we met.

We have also found some interesting creatures around the house (thankfully the outside). One thing I forgot to mention last week, was that we found a tiny bat clinging to the garage door last week (upside down as they do). Not quite sure why it was there and how it had got lost from the rest of the bats, but we did move it away from where the cat could get to it and the sun later in the day. Never saw it again, but we did get a photo :-).

The other two creatures in regular resident are George and Mildred – I think I have mentioned them before, one is a toad and the other a salamander. The both seem to share the access hole for our main water switch and were discovered while we were installing the bath. I now have a photo of them so I’ve added that.

So enjoy the photos of the wildlife – no cupboards this week 🙂

Tiny Bat

Tiny Bat

George and Mildred

George and Mildred

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