Saturday, 28th June 2014

Good Morning Readers,

This week started with a bang, well lots of them really.  Sunday night we either had a very long thunder storm or one storm after the other, very little sleep was had with the constant thunder claps and the occasional house shake.  Monday morning required more than one pot of coffee.  The weather has cooled down this week (well it has been around 20 degrees) which is rather amusing when you consider that we are now officially in Summer!

French class on Tuesday for once made sense. Yah, the afternoon was back to sanding and painting of kitchen cupboards. Wednesday, more painting and some gardening, the problem with weather when it is warm and humid; everything grows (including the weeds).  The painting of kitchen cupboards feels like it’s my entire life at the moment.

Thursday, another day requiring a lot of coffee, not sure why just didn’t sleep well. I had art class in the afternoon, bliss!  We are currently doing patterns on lino prints, I’m still carving my lino, but I’m looking forward to how it will look.  It was a cool day and I arrived home to Pat cooking slow roasted lamb – yummy.

I’ve also set myself the challenge to have the pantry in the kitchen finished by the end of the weekend (all sanded and painted).  The doors are all painted and just awaiting their final coat, but today I need to empty the pantry and work on the carcase, if I get the first coat of paint on today I might actually be in with a chance.

The stair well / landing is now finished.  Well it is to the stage where I can now decorate it.  Though due to the nature of the board put up on the wall we are thinking that maybe wall paper would be better than painting?  We are both really pleased that we have opened up the area at the top of the stairs, it just feels so much better and the light coming into the stairs is a lot better. (photos below but they were taken in the evening)

The sales have started in France.  The timings are regulated by the government, it is odd to have every store having a sale at the same time, but it does mean that we knew when they were starting.  We are on the hunt for larger outdoor setting as we currently only have a little bistro table with 2 chairs.  I’m also on the hunt for some new underwear, but that really can’t be bought off the internet so I’m going to have to brave a shop and see what I can get.

Tomorrow we have decided that we will go for a bike ride, I’m looking forward to that as I’m hoping to do a lot more bike riding as the weather fine’s up.  Part of the fitness plan and the enjoyment of the country side.

From the top of the stairs across the landing and into the spare room

From the top of the stairs across the landing and into the spare room

The wall that needs to be wallpapered we think. You can see the part of the ceiling that needs to be painted.

The wall that needs to be wallpapered we think. You can see the part of the ceiling that also needs to be painted.

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4 Responses to Saturday, 28th June 2014

  1. Sandra says:

    I keep forgetting to visit your blog, so made an effort today! Will come back and read past blogs later on as loving seeing your dream turn into a reality… @French lessons, if you can you say “more wine please” then why bother with the lessons lol xx

  2. bill says:

    looking good
    looking forward to seeing it

    • deliawallace says:

      You’ll get to see it soon. The question you should perhaps be asking is “What will they get me to do?????” Wall papering anyone? lol

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