Thursday, 22nd May 2014

Yes, I’m writing this on a Thursday rather than a Saturday, why Thursday? We’ve got friends visiting this weekend, off to get them from the airport this afternoon. I’m so looking forward to their company, conversation and just relaxing. Next week’s blog will be back to normal – on Saturday, though we also have guests arriving next Saturday.

The wonderful Mr B and I got up early on Sunday and as the weather was so nice we went for a 40 minute walk before breakfast. It was lovely. We have also spoken to our neighbour who has a chestnut grove that leads down to a lake & he is more than happy for us to wander down & take some photos. Which is really nice, and we hope to do that one evening soon.

We also had our first French lessons; both of us enjoyed our class. Mr B and I are going to different classes, but the idea is to help us with our conversational skills. Maybe I’ll be able to string a sentence together soon….

Yesterday afternoon we had one heck of a thunderstorm here. Lost power (thankfully Mr B had put in the UPS during the week), driving rain, absolutely incredible wind, all for about 40 minutes. Next thing we hear is a chainsaw unfortunately our neighbour’s tree had come down across the road and slightly dented our fence. But thankfully he didn’t need our help (it was offered). It was all cleared very quickly, however the telephone line does look rather precarious. At sunset we decided to go for a walk to see if we could get any good photos as the sky was clearing. On our way we saw a deer in one of the chestnut groves. It’s the first one we have seen near our house. It was fantastic. And then a 4am this morning, we had a reprise of the storm, it was incredibly, but thankfully not long lasting, but the thunder was almost enough to wake the dead!

On to a thoughtful moment…

Have you ever have one of those times that make you realise that actually, your life, despite its issues and problems is going ok? Sometimes life is hard and difficult, but generally the events we face can be dealt with. At other times life can hit you with something so big that from that point on everything is different. Not the life and death type of thing, but things that are big and really make you totally re-evaluate. So my mind has been working overtime thinking about life, the universe & our place in it. (So that my mum and dad don’t worry – don’t worry everything here is fine, I haven’t had anything untoward happen).

Onwards & upwards I say.

Oh and just to let you know, the cupboards look really good (see photos).

last weeks project - I love how it looks

last weeks project – I love how it looks

last weeks project

last weeks project

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