Saturday, 19th April 2014

Well readers, I’m shattered today. It’s Easter weekend (though Good Friday isn’t a general public holiday here) and our first visitor is arriving this afternoon. So the reason for being shattered, trying to get the house in some level of order for our first guest. Which has actually been a good incentive, our office spaces are set up, most of the boxes unpacked and those that are not are now stored neatly in the garage. Pat has completed numerous trips to the tip and was even able to sort out an entry card for the tip. But still no paintings on the walls (except in the spare room where there was 1 picture hook left behind).

Last weekend I finally decided that if we were to have any veggies this summer I better get myself into gear and get some seedlings started. Much to my surprise the lettuces have started to come up and 2 of my corn have started. Unfortunately out of the 4 cucamelons (Google it) have yet to sprout into life, however it is my first time growing these so they may take longer than other seeds to sprout into life. Of course as the seedlings have developed quicker than I anticipated I now need to sort out the bit of ground that I plan to plant everything into….

The garden in the new house does seem interesting and I’ve got a good collection of tulips (which I think will need to be moved). I also have two lovely wisteria’s along the fence (see photo) which are not only beautiful but the smell is divine. We are also finding those places one likes to sit, we have different ones for our morning cup of tea and our evening glass of wine. It is so peaceful and calm here, which is so lovely. It will of course all be disturbed when we have the builders in. We have a couple coming this week to quote on a new window (for upstairs) and to repoint the back and side walls. I also think we may have to get a couple of the supporting beams replaced, but we will wait and see what they say.

I will admit the thing I am most dreading is trying to take the wonderful wallpaper off the spare room walls, it is a lovely pink flocked wall paper (basically its carpet masquerading as wallpaper). I even had the joy of vacuuming bits of it today! But our first room that will be revamped will be the bathroom. I need a bath – and only having a shower is not fun, especially with all the hard work we have been putting in, we are both so sore that a bath to relax into would be wonderful.

So, I’m now off to make hot cross buns (you can’t buy them in France), second attempt at the current recipe. First attempt was ok, but I’m playing with it now to make spectacular.

Till next week…

Brilliant spot for a glass of wine

Brilliant spot for a glass of wine



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2 Responses to Saturday, 19th April 2014

  1. bill says:

    I am starting to like France – no easter buns for sale. That would be a relief from them being available near all year long. Kind of takes the special part away. What fun making up different sorts.
    Appears that you will not have much trouble getting things to grow. An area that allows a few vegie beds – for rotation – would be good , but not essential. Personally I have gone for things that grow in multiples – that is one plant , multiple vegies , so corn has gone off my growing list – not enough return.
    C’mon the cucamelons !!!!
    Had my first taste of a midgin berry – look that one up
    small with an ever so slight aniseed taste – be all right as part of a fruit salad.
    Just planted a goji berry – in a pot – now to find a space for it.

    • deliawallace says:

      The berry’s sound interesting, Pat would love them (he likes aniseed flavoured things). My cucamelon’s have started to germinate – yah.

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