Saturday, 12th April 2014 & Sunday, 13th April 2014

I’m back….

Well I’m sitting in the spare room of our new house and catching up on e-mails and various bits and pieces that have all been put aside over the past week or so.

We are now all moved into our house – thank you for helping Richard. I’m incredibly sore and very tired, I’ve never slept quite so well. I must admit though the three things I always do when moving – first make my bed (which does also include putting the damn thing together), make sure I have a kettle, tea, coffee and mugs with me on the first day (generally transported with me) along with a roll of loo paper (you will be amazed at what people don’t leave in a house) and make sure there is a safe place for the cat. So consider these Delia’s top tips for house moving – lol.

We have about 80% of things unpacked, but no pictures up on the walls yet – so it doesn’t quite feel like home. Also looking at various bits and pieces that we need to get sorted, things like the outside walls being re-pointed, putting a bath in the bathroom, the fact that every wall in the house needs to be repainted (it was last decorated in the 1980’s and I’m not really into pink wallpaper with shiny bits of silver-grey through it)…So for anyone planning a visit – you may be “employed” as slave labour for part of your visit 🙂

Of course the other joy of moving house is discovering that one does not have enough storage. We previously had our tiny 3rd bedroom turned into a walk in wardrobe. This was great. In this house we purchased the two wardrobes from the previous owners, which sort of fit my clothes, but my shoes – no. The solution, which I think took a little bit of thinking outside the box was to use a free standing bathroom cupboard that we had. It solved my problem – for the moment at least (see photos). We are also in the process of looking for more kitchen cabinets (wall ones as the kitchen only has below counter cabinets). The kitchen is also a lovely wood 80’s reject – but due to money we can’t replace all the cabinets, so they will just be painted. We have been able to find a supply of similar doors for when we get the wall cabinets – so that is good, once painted I doubt that the differences will be that noticeable.

Wallace (the cat) finally got to venture out yesterday (Saturday) it was a lovely sunny day and we kept the back door open. He seems to like it here; he has been very relaxed outside. He did make a bid for freedom during the week, and got out the lounge room window, he only ventured as far as across the road to my neighbours wood pile and unfortunately very successfully picked up a tick!!! He has now been fully flea and tick treated so that this doesn’t happen again. (I will state that even though he has been an indoor cat for the last four months I have been keeping up with his treatments, he however got out on Tuesday and Wednesday was his day for his next treatment)!!

So our adventure in France is truly beginning, I have trouble understanding our neighbour who always talks to me. I’m really not much beyond Bonjour and ordering a cup of coffee. Pat can do a bit better, but he is also finding the reality a little more interesting that what he was expecting. And we do know how to purchase croissant and baguettes from the bread van – so the important things are covered.

We are also still trying to figure out what to name the house, we do have two lovely wisteria’s running down the side fence (currently coming into bloom). So I mentioned something along the lines of Maison du Wisteria but Pat thinks that it is too twee. Any suggestions will be considered…

So for now, back to the unpacking and doing a little bit of gardening. Till next week.

Shoes Before

Shoes Before

Shoes After

Shoes After

Our first night - Pat cooking in the kitchen, please note the boxes

Our first night – Pat cooking in the kitchen, please note the boxes

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