Saturday, 22nd March 2014

It has been an interesting week this week. Since the official start to spring we have had wind and rain, and unfortunately there is more on the way… However most of the week has been wonderfully sunny and warm and we have been enjoying our afternoon walks. The tree mentioned in last week’s blog has finally started to bud and surprise, surprise it’s not a magnolia, Pat informs me it is a chestnut tree – maybe even a horse chestnut. I’ve attached a couple of photos. It is still impressive in its size however.

As the weather has been mixed this week so has my week been mixed. I received the good news of the date for signing for the new house – yah. We hope to be all moved in by the weekend 5th/6th April. The other good news we had this week, our friends T & R have become grandparents – a bit of a shock really where this is starting to happen to our friends, we just don’t feel old enough. But that is what happens I guess. The not so good news for the week is the fact that my main client – who currently works for a small publisher – has been offered a role with a rather large publishing firm – which he has accepted. Which is great for him, but of course the new publisher has internal administration staff. The knock on affect for me has been to actually start looking at building my business, so I’m now working my way through various bits and pieces to move my business forward.

So back to the positives – we finally get to move into our house and in the time frame which means only one more move. I’m looking forward to never moving again, well at least hopefully not moving for at least 20 years!!! So what number move does this make, well it will be house/home number 29, but move number 31 – as I’ve been back home a couple of times – this also includes 3 overseas moves. I can show you the list if you don’t believe me

Moving on… (bad joke I know) last Saturday night we went out for dinner, music and a quiz. Our landlord was the one man band, with music and quiz. It was a good night – and our team won the quiz with 9 correct out of 20. It was a difficult music quiz, and I don’t think I added anything as none of the questions were about the 80’s. We are going to miss being here as everyone has been so welcoming. We’re now looking forward and looking for clubs to join near where we are living. Pat has already found a photography club. I’m looking for an art group and a sewing group. I’m also looking forward to working on the house and implementing the changes we want to do. I’m also looking forward to getting into the garden and getting my veggie patch up and running.

And as Pat and hassling me for going on our walk, I better sign off and put my walking shoes on… till next time.



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