Saturday, 15th March 2014

Well after a glorious week of weather, today is overcast and cool, so we’re back inside today eager for sunnier weather next week. I’ve even moved the lemon tree to outside hoping that the worst of the cold nights have passed. The nights have been very clear and we have gone outside a couple of times before bed and gazed up at the wondrous sky – so many stars to see. I still miss not being able to see the Southern Cross, but there are some familiar constellations (though I’d not 100% sure what they are called).

We have been enjoying our lunches out in the garden – things like goats cheese salad, fish salad (well that was Pat’s lunch not mine), ham salad – yep its salad time! Pat even made some American style lemonade to have with lunch yesterday. We have also been out and about on our daily walks – especially as the tracks have started to dry out, so we are getting to see some wonderful countryside. I’ve been passed the biggest magnolia tree I’ve ever seen, it is currently in bud I will post a photo once it is bloom – I figure it must be close to 30 metres tall – it is amazing.

So have we had an exciting week (apart from enjoying the sunshine)? Well not really, lots of washing has been done and Pat has been busy with work and assignments. We did however finally head into Niort last Saturday. It is a lovely small town, we had a coffee outside in a street café and we wandered around the very packed market hall. I must admit it is difficult getting used to seeing dead plucked chickens still with their heads and feet! Also walking along the aisle of the market and having a set of glorious cakes on one side and a display of tripe on the other. It is fun however, and there is so much one can buy at the local markets. I understand why people shop at the market rather than supermarkets. After our wander, Pat and I bought a sandwich and then headed down to a park beside the river and had our lunch watching the water go by. Our lunch was interrupted by the sound of drums as a rather interesting spectacle went by. I’ll attach a couple of photos if I can get them off my phone. We still have no idea what this was all about. We are planning a return trip to Niort, early one morning to get some photos.

Wallace has started to get bored with being inside and is trying to make the occasional bid for freedom. We do take him outside from time to time, but as we will have to leave here in the next few weeks, I don’t want him outside, establishing territory and then being picked up and moved again. I know he will enjoy the new house and outside when we eventually get there (though I’m not sure that next door’s cat will like the arrival of Wallace). I’ve considered a harness and taking him for a walk, but not sure how he would react to that .

No further news on the house, but we are hopeful that we will be in residence before our first visitors arrive.

As the house hunting has finished and we are settling into some type of routine, I’m looking to expand my business, so please remember me to anyone who wants any administration work done – proofreading, formatting documents etc, etc. – my webpage is – which I’m also in the process of updating with client comments etc.

Hope you all have a great week.



These "nuns" were with the drummers

These “nuns” were with the drummers


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  1. bill says:

    the drummers were to wake the dead and the nuns were to send them on their way 🙂

  2. linda harrison says:

    Hi Delia

    Having a quiet afternoon and working backwards through your blos. Its a fascinating account and has all the makings of a book for the future. Linda

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