Friday, 7th March 2014

Spring has most definitely sprung. It has been a mostly glorious week this week. The only rainy day was Monday – which of course was when we had to travel. We drove over to our lovely new house to do a little bit of measuring and to speak with the current owners about various bits and pieces in regard to the house. It was good to talk to them and get a bit of history in regard to the house. We also stayed at a lovely local B&B overnight and went for dinner at a nearby restaurant. It was great we actually got to meet a few people and chat to them about the area. The phone line for the house has been connected and tested for internet access and that all seems fine so we are really please. So things with the house are progressing.

On the Tuesday after a lovely breakfast of cereal, yoghurt and croissants we headed off to Limoges – not to the lovely city centre but to the rather new and large industrial estate to the north of the city. The joys of looking at baths and other bits and pieces for the new house.

The house has timber cladding on a number of walls, we are thinking of removing the cladding to expose the stone walls. It is a slight unknown as we have no idea of what condition the stone walls are in. But we think it is worth exploring at least in the lounge and the bathroom.

But on to the lovely spring (printemps) weather, the daffodils are out, the blueberry bush is budding, the campervans are out and about on the roads. We have had breakfast and lunch outside for 2 days running which has been lovely. Wallace is not impressed that he is not allowed out, but he has found his favourite box in the storage room and has now taken to sleeping there during the day.

We are planning on getting out a bit more over the weekends now that the weather has improved. Off to be tourists before we move from the area. So we have started a list of places to visit, I think Sainte will be our first excursion. But there is also an official “beautiful village” not that far from us so that may also be worth a look. We shall see. I’ll let you know next week…

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