Saturday, 1st March 2014

Not really in the mood for blogging today, but a few things have happened this week, so need to update the world (for those who are interested).  For those of you who see Pat’s facebook, we finally have opened our French bank account – yah.  This has taken some time, and French bank accounts (like Australian ones but unlike UK ones) do have costs associated with them.  So I’ll have to get back into the thinking of only having a certain number of withdrawal’s etc, etc.  The one interesting thing that I have found with France, is a huge number of people still pay with cheque here.  I find it amazing. However if you bounce a cheque within France you will lose your bank account, so I guess people find it more secure. We have also had the paperwork come through on the car being insured.  I will admit the car insurance has been great, it was cheaper than we were previously paying and includes roadside assistance and some travel insurance.  Not bad really.

Today Pat and I were planning on heading into Niort, but it can be very hard to be motivated when the weather is cold and grey. Yes it is getting warmer and the sun is starting to shine more often, but it still is hard to be motivated.  Especially as my language skills are minimal, so every trip can feel quite stressful.  My language skills are like a 2 year old’s, however unlike a 2 year old I’m not allowed to cry or throw a tantrum when I’m not understood – regardless of how much I want to.

I’m also thinking that being in temporary accommodation is starting to wear thin.  It doesn’t matter how nice the gite is or how great our landlords are (and they are and have been wonderful) you just feel like life is on hold.  There is so much I want to do with our new house and having to wait – especially an unknown amount of time is difficult.  I’m trying to take the motto – “What is, is” and there is nothing I can do about it, but the frustration is high and I don’t think I’m noted as a patient person – I want it and, god damn it, I want it now!

So after that uplifting blog (vent) I hope everyone has a great week and let’s see what the new week brings us 🙂

PS. Happy 70th Aunty B.

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