Saturday, 22nd February 2014

Hello all, well the week has been a good but slow week. Pat and I both have a slight cold so not feeling so great today, actually rather glad that the weather is crap and we don’t have to go out. But the week didn’t start that way and last Saturday afternoon (or it may have been Sunday) we went for a nice long walk to the neighbouring hamlet in the sunshine (with one bit of rain). Nice to get out and walk around in the country side – though at the moment we are generally sticking to the roads due to the amount of mud and the hunters (it is hunting season in France).

Apart from the occasional walk, we really haven’t done much. The house sale has progressed, the seven day cooling off period has finished and we have paid the deposit so that is the next step done. We are discovering that so many things require a permanent address so we have to delay getting various things done – such as registering the car in France.

We did however go to our neighbours on Thursday night and have a game of poker – it was a lot of fun. My second serious game of poker in my life – if you can call our poker games serious… I also did an experiment this week and made pecan balls – they are a non-meat alternative to meat balls. Very nice too, we made ours with walnuts however. I’ll get Pat to post the recipe on his FODMAP recipe page –

One very nice thing that happened yesterday, on our trip to Castorama (like B&Q or Bunnings) we came across a whole group of daffodils out in bloom – it was lovely. So spring does seem to be on its way (already) yah 🙂

So that’s it for this week, let’s see where next week takes us.

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  1. bill says:

    poker is much more fun playing for money. Learn lots about people – probably true of playing most games. Long time since I have played it – much fun.

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