Saturday, 15th February 2014

So what is new in my world this week? Well we finally have received the letter from the Notaire in regard to our house purchase, which basically means that the owners have accepted our offer, signed the contract and we are now in the official seven day cooling off period. It also means that at the end of the seven days we have to pay the deposit. So we are moving forward. Unfortunately it does also mean that everything is unlikely to be completed by the time we have to move from our current rental. So watch this space…

We also have started the process on getting our car registered for France. We have had the headlights changed and the car has had its French MOT (control technique). It is also now insured in France. We still need to have an official address however to register it, which we also need for our bank account, which is an on-going saga. I must admit I had a similar problem in England in trying to get a bank account set up – it can all be so frustrating.

And as yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I bought my wonderful husband some lovely macaroons, in a variety of flavours, which he is enjoying a lot and currently munching on. He bought me a bottle of Champagne (yep real Champagne not the usual sparkling blanc de blanc) and some roses (white and red if you are curious). The roses are now in various containers (I’ve only dug out one vase from the boxes) around the house and it is lovely.

Now all we need is some dry weather again, as we are getting a lot of rain here (ok not as much as the UK) but the river at the bottom on the hill is no longer contained by its banks, it’s only overflowed onto the road once since we have been here. I’ll try and get a photo of it soon. The house next to the river is currently still dry; however their garden and garden shed are rapidly disappearing into the water. One advantage to cloudy weather, the temperature tends to be higher, so the house isn’t as cold as it has been. However I am sitting here with an electric heater at my feet! Till next week…

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3 Responses to Saturday, 15th February 2014

  1. I’m so used to Facebook I was looking for the like button on all your posts 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pictures -hint hint-.

  2. bill says:

    Trust your new place is above water level. Enjoy the weather of the day – in 6 months it might look enticing. Spring is just around the corner.
    Champagne is probably my favourite drink , but I do like mine on the drier side.

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