Day 56

Ok, why start a blog, I hear you cry, isn’t that so passé – well yes, but after reading a few blogs / diary type things of people who have been in various parts of the world, I’ve decided I would like to keep my friends and family informed of what is happening in our world.  Or as Pat and I nicknamed it this morning – spaceship France.

So we have been here officially for 56 days. We have got over the feeling of being on holiday, but we are now feeling like we are in limbo.  We are still waiting for the official letter from the Notaire to say that we are buying the house – which is annoying (but with the owners being in the UK, we do have to wait for them to send back the signed contract).

We have however decided to try and get ourselves out a bit more, today was going to be a trip to Niort, but the weather really has kiboshed that, so I’m sitting inside in my PJ’s at 1pm drinking a cup of tea and wondering when lunch will be.

We did however get out with our landlords on Thursday night for a quiz, held in a relatively local bar (which is French owned).  Once a month they have an English language quiz, while the four of us were thinking that it would be just us on our team, we ended up with another couple who were brilliant in their general knowledge, which meant we won – yah – after two tie breakers I would like to point out.  So we now have a bottle of wine sitting in our wine rack as our component of the prize.

I will try to update this blog once a week – it may be more, it may be less, but I’m hoping to really give it a go and update every Saturday morning.  We shall see.

Take Care


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3 Responses to Day 56

  1. patbell101 says:

    at least passé is french

  2. Julie says:

    C’est tres bonne! xxx

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